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Most Films’ parent company, Jeff Most Productions was formed by its president/C.E.O., Jeff Most, in California in 1992. Most Films and Jeff Most Productions are the notable production companies behind a diverse mix of films and television series, which span an array of genres from comedies to thrillers, dramas, action films, and biographical stories to commercially successful franchises, such as THE CROW and award winning historical films such as THE COURAGEOUS HEART OF IRENA SENDLER.

Most Films develops and produces a diverse range of projects, which it chooses based on the projects’ perceived ability to elevate and resonate with audiences and be commercially successful in the marketplace.
Jeff Most

Jeff Most HeadshotJeff Most has been a respected feature film and television producer in Hollywood for over 25 Years. Jeff has a solid reputation for producing artistically successful and commercially profitable feature films with great production values.

Jeff grew up in N.Y.C. and graduated from The United Nations International High School. Thereafter, he graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of Film and Television where he majored in screenwriting at the prestigious Dramatic Writing Program. Jeff began his career in New York working as the assistant to the producer of the “Saturday Night Live” film unit. Before graduating NYU, Jeff worked on the cult hit “Liquid Sky” and on the classic, “Scarface”.

Jeff formed Jeff Most Productions and Most Films and broke into the feature film business, as a producer, when he set up his first feature, THE SPET, at Warner Brothers, which starred Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone and James Woods. The film, which opened number one at the box office, set a record for its opening weekend and was an international box office success.

Thereafter, Jeff developed and produced THE CROW, and its seminal soundtrack album, which sold 8 million copies. Based on the comic book series, the film was directed by Alex Proyas and starred Brandon Lee, Michael Wincott, and Ernie Hudson. The film set an opening weekend record and stayed atop the box office for three consecutive weeks. THE CROW was a worldwide phenomenon and spawned three feature film sequels, video games, soundtracks, merchandise and a syndicated television series THE CROW: STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN.

Jeff is a producer of Relativity Media’s upcoming remake of THE CROW